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Would really love help

Since I'm mainly Vegan than Raw - though converting now to nearly all raw - but that's off point. I've recently been VERY ill with IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) and been in increasing pain. Yet I'm told by the doctor to cut out fruits and high fibre food and I'm also on medication which I hate, I have to have it forced down my throat to take it.

I am really sick from this and confused, any help and advice at all would really help as I dont know what to do when Im trying my hardest, the past few days I've eaten hardly anything and its been raw and I've had medication yet it's not helped and Im so stuck I need a hand out.

Thank you.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Irritable bowel syndrome has been linked with low levels of good flora(bacteria) so the best thing you could do would be to try repopulate the good bacteria. The best way to do this is via fermented foods such as kefir(milk or water) i prefer water as its non dairy, cultured veggies are also a good option.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I found out that my IBS was caused by a gluten allergy. So as long as I do not eat it I am fine there. :Look up Celiac Disease.

  • I was tested for celiac disease first but I wasnt anemic or calcium deficent so they knew I couldnt be (the test had been dancing around saying 'Ha, I told you I get enough') I'm cutting out gluten now, though I've realised I eat steamed oats which is probably contaminated with it.

    I will try up my sauerkraut intake too. It's just hard to find it raw and both my attempts to make it have been unsuccesful - it grew mould.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    try making water kefir it tastes fine. Storebought sauerkraut contain little to no beneficial bacteria.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    most celiacs don't test positive. And it mimics all kinds of things

    If you respond well to be totally gluten free say for a month and symptoms start disappearing (and there will be lots some subtle) you have it. that is the 100% accurate test

    wishing you the best!!

  • Haha that is true. It's hard giving up gluten - could you give me a heads up what I should avoid?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    thats not entirely true, you can have sensitivity/intolerance to gluten but still not be celiac.

    its largely due to under-functioning adrenal glands as with other food allergys.


  • Raw Passion, all kinds of things can upset IBS, but I am wary of your doctor's advice on NOT eating fruits and veggies. I've struggled a lot with IBS myself, and I've had to do a LOT of tinkering around with foods to find out which ones upset my IBS and which ones seem to help.

    It might be helpful to keep a log of the food you eat day to day and record how you feel each day and after each meal. Start ruling things out when you notice a pattern of IBS acting up after eating certain foods. It takes a lot of time to narrow it down, but it's worth it, and will be far more beneficial for you than just popping a pill.

    I've noticed that I do very well with many fruits...bananas especially...but not so well with "heavier" veggies like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc. Leafy greens seem to go easy, as does avocado, tomatoes, etc.

    I find that onion, garlic, and other really potent ingredients as such REALLY aggravate mine. Definitely experiment with that... I've noticed my IBS is pretty calm JUST by avoiding garlic and onion.

    As for avoiding gluten...that's pretty easy to do on a raw diet. Just don't reach for buckwheat and such...

    Nut butters and nuts also seem to be an issue for me, but if I keep the amount minimal it's okay. So when I crave fats I usually go to avocado. When I crave something more like "comfort carbs" I will eat a baked potato-- it might be cooked, but it's better than reaching for nuts or buckwheat granola, etc. when it just upsets the IBS.

    the best thing to do is to eat what your body responds kindly to...cooked or raw.

  • Int buckwheat gluten free?:O

    Quinoa is another gluten free grain, its actually a seed of spinach

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    yeah buckwheat, quiona, millet, brown rice are gluten free grains:).


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Gluten is in wheat, barley, rye, kamut, and spelt. Some people who are gluten intolerant can tolerate oats, and some cannot; it depends on a gene. To play it safe, I'd advise avoiding oats while you try to see if you're gluten intolerant. I was also in a lot of pain before I narrowed it down to eating gluten. That was a sad day, and it took some (OK, a lot of) adjustment, but I've been happily gluten-free for many years.

    Buckwheat is indeed gluten-free. Quinoa is also gluten-free, and though it's related to spinach, it's not a seed of spinach :). Of course, raw grains can be hard to digest for anyone, so if you're still eating cooked, you may want to consider cooking these.

    Though I wouldn't say I have IBS, I have found that apples give me problems, and I know that's the case for a lot of folks with IBS, so you may want to avoid them for a while. You may also want to pay attention to food combining. It can be a pain, but if you generally avoid eating fruit after eating anything else, you're most of the way there.

    I'm sorry you're having so much trouble, and I hope you find a solution soon!

  • your right about apples, i havnt been eating them , and my diahhrea stopped ,im eating alot of grapes, I eat mabey one or two gala apples, and it doesnt do anything now. but before I would only eat apples . I would eat like 8 a day. Why does apples cause diahhrea?

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Apples just make me uncomfortable; they don't give me diarrhea, and I don't know why they would for you (or anyone). I also don't know if it matters; as long as you know what doesn't make you feel good, you can avoid it and be better off.

  • nsns

    Consider taking a serious dosage of good quality probiotics. You might start noticing some improvement pretty soon. It might not be the cure or help all the way but it will help some, for sure.

  • I have ibs too (not related to gluten in my case, as I cut that out years and years ago...) I've found that when having a really painful flare, the anti-inflammatory effects of fresh pineapple juice stopped the pain. Other than that, I just live on blended food--mostly fruits, but sometimes cucumber/zucchini blended together, until my system starts to get back to a reasonably normal state. Fat (especially from nuts/seeds) is a huge trigger for me, as are spices and acid; emotional or physical stress can also cause it to act up. Generally if I don't eat 2/3 of my daily meals blended, I still have problems.

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