Chewy Dehydration

I'm massively craving some sweet potato chips. I've made 3 different batches and all have come out kind of...chewy. I was hoping for deliciously crunchy potato yumminess! The first time I thought I over did them. The second time I thought it was because they weren't sliced thin enough. This last time...well, I don't know. I'm starting to think I'm a dehydrator loser.

What is the proper temp and time it takes to dehydrate nice, crunchy potato chips????


  • aniles5, I have the same problem. what kind of dehydrator do you have? I have been relating my issue to my dehydrator but it could be something else.

    otherwise, what are you putting on them? olive oil or anything? if you put too much olive oil on them, that could be the case.

  • I just got the excalibur. I'm not a fan of oil (blasphemy in raw world, I know) so I lightly coated the chips in coconut oil.

    Do chips need more oil maybe to get that super, crispy chip feel?

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