My blendtec plastic blender has a lot of scratches? Is it safe to use?

I'm thinking of the issue where chemicals from the plastic could leak into the liquid. After blending I don't let the liquid sit for more than a few seconds. Does anyone know if chemicals could still leak into the liquid?


  • harpieharpie Raw Newbie

    Difficult to know for sure.

    I am about to buy another blender as my plastic one shattered... I was very sure plastic got into my food on that occasion : ) i was just wondering how it would handle large chunks of coconut. and it exploded. So this time I'm going for a tougher glass model.

    these machines have to pass certain tests before sale so do not be too worried, just follow the guidelines(unlike what i did). it may say "only blend soft fruit and veg" and "only food under 70 degrees". try and find the PDF online if you do not have a manual at hand or if you have spare cash buy a glass version.?

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