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Almond Pasteurization Postponed

germin8germin8 Raw Master

I dont’ know if anyone posted this yet… but I did want to share the good news:

Almond Pasteurization is postponed to March of 2008. You can read about it in both of these links:




  • YAY! I know there was an online petition to ban it. I signed it like 30 times! I put everybodies name I knew on it!

  • Maybe there are sane people in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    That is such great news! I hope that will give us enough time to stop it for good!

  • Thanks for posting that! I actually knew about this a few weeks ago (me and a few others are working with Cornucopia) but I wasnt supposed to post anything about it since they had a big press released planned – we had to be hush-hush. Than I forgot about posting it after the release came out!

    The real reason it has been postponed is that too many places were not able to get the equipment in time to comply(too expensive). Some people believe that it will be too expensive in the long run and it won’t commpletley happen. But still be aware that some farmers did get the equipment and have been pasteurizing since March so still be careful when you buy and check with your grocer to see if the almonds they are selling are pasteurized. Yes, definatley good news for us, so we have more time to action. Cornucopia is getting something to together so you will hear about it.

  • Thanks germin8! The “almond degradation plan” as I call it is very disturbing. I have noticed that almonds at Whole Foods don’t have vitamin E on the Label. I wonder if they are already pasturized because they ARE high in vit. e normally. Vitamin E interferes with certain medications so it’s very important that they put it on labels. Imagine if you bought carrots and they didn’t have vitamine A on the label- wouln’t that be disturbing?

  • Did it say Vitamin E on the label before at Whole Foods? I never noticed. I know they have the sign up warning how the almonds will not be actually raw after Sept 1 even though they have been labeled as so.

  • queenfluff- thank you for working on this issue

  • Yeah, ditto what leafekat said. I appreciate all the people “behind the scenes” working for positive change in the world. And I try to do some of that myself, too, of course. ;o)


  • Hi Queenfluff. Thanks for keeping people up on this too! The whole foods out here is under construction\remodeling so I haven’t seen any sign about the almonds but I don’t think people out here would really care anyway. We just got a whole foods a couple of years ago and it has two prepared food bars, a deli bar, and all kinds of meat so people don’t think of it as a vegetarian type place. They have very few bulk foods.

    It’s so weird too because the ceo of whole foods is supposed to be a vegan.

  • Keep checking Cornucopia’s website. They have a link about the whole thing and I am sure they will be updating it alot. They are planning a big thingy to try to get an exception to it. Me and a few others might be responsible for keeping Chicago/Milwaukee area groups informed. Not sure on the whole thing yet. I can’t say too much on it. Just that they want to do a big champaign like thing – now that we have more time.

    here is the site:



    They just built a huge Whole Foods here in Milwaukee – It is apparently the biggest in the Midwest but you know what – they got everything you could think of and some stuff you would never think of- sushi bar, bakery, coffee bar, salad bar, olive bar, gelato bar (what?)...etc etc…but NO juice bar! I just couldn’t believe it. When I lived in Chicago, the only BAR my whole foods had was a juice bar. It was small but good.

    NO juice bar – sigh – totally sucks. Whole Foods is definatley headed in a different direction. ugh.

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