Chickpeas won't sprout??

QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

I have successfully sprouted chickpeas, but I just bought some organic chickpeas from WFM and it is day 3 and no sprout seen.

Are they pasteurizing chickpeas now??

Any ideas?




  • About a year ago, I sprouted some chickpeas and I think it took more than 3 days and I remember sprouting them in the refrigerator instead of the usual counter spot.

    It seems like the soaking time and sprouting conditions are quite different for some beans, seeds, etc.

    Good luck, Gil.

  • QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

    It was the strangest thing, Gil!

    I tried for 3 days, they got bigger and the sprout end looked somewhat longer... but no sprouts. So I rinse & drained again and put them in the fridge, trying to decide whether I should throw them away or not. Finally a few days later I took them out and they were sprouting while in the fridge!!

    I decided to throw them away, because I had not rinsed them since putting them in there. But I am going to try sprouting them again.

    Thanks for the reply!!


  • Wow, glad I found this thread now! I just started sprouting recently and I was starting to get discouraged. Thanks QTLayla for the post and rgilnv for the heads up. I'll give this a try and see where it gets me :D

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    I made an attempt to sprout chickpeas as well. When i sprouted them, and yes they did end up sprouting for me without the use of a fridge, I soaked them for a day I believe, maybe longer, and then emptied the water, stored the chickpeas in a strainer and covered the strainer with a cloth. I started to see sprouts after a couple days, but silly me forgot to rinse them! After about 3-4 days I was ready to eat them but they smelt SO SOUR and disgusting because I had left them without rinsing. I haven't tried again yet but I do still have some raw dried chickpeas in my cabinet waiting for me to make my second attempt! Also mung and lentil beans are much easier to sprout in my opinion. They produce results quicker. I am still very eager to taste the chickpeas tho after they have sprouted. I can't even imagine the taste! Good Luck to all and happy sprouting, it is the best thing, for my body and mind, that I have learned how to do!

  • So I've heard, I was thinking of lentils (to make a brilliant salad with) and my attempt at sprouting chickpeas didn't end so well (it was day 4 and nothing was happening) so I decided to continue buying them. But if lentils are simpler then I think I'll grab some dried lentils and give it a shot! :D

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    Yes I have had a lot of luck with lentil beans. My only problem was storing them. I wasn't sure how to do it or where to store them in what conditions. I left them outside the refridgerator which I believe was my mistake, but I am not completely sure. So next time i sprout lentils I am only going to sprout an amount that I would be able to eat in a couple of days, before they start turning brown and wilting. Another bean that I have had a lot of success sprouting is the Mung bean. They sprout just as easy as the lentils. All you do is let them soak, rinse them, cover them, and the rest is natures work to be done all under your own roof. Lol. Give it a try

  • I will have to, I heard similar things from a friend of mine that has been sprouting for a bit. Hopefully the advice is spot on. Wish me luck!

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