After a year and a half ,I just got my period back. I dont know what I ate to help get it back. I thought I would never get it back again. Im happy I got it back. This is what ive been eating for the past three weeks, tons of grapes. then I had dehydrated buckwheat 3 or 4 times these weeks, also I had some sprouted lentils mabey 2 times, but Mostly been eating grapes. I think the grapes had a nutrient in it for me to get it back.


  • im also eating mushrooms and tomates with parsley.

  • ive been trying things around like some cooked quinoa, peas, broccoli.

  • like i said i m eating 100% raw now with only 8 pounds of grapes a day, including tomatoe, parsley and mushroom mix, and some buckwheat.:)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    not to seem intrusive but a year and a half without a period cant be healthy, have you seen a doctor about this?

    whats your iodine intake like do you eat any seaweeds?, if its dietary caused theres being raw and theres been healthy so watch what your doing to yourself if its dietary caused.


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