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Yogic Melon Detox

Has anyone every done the yogic melon detox? It's a 21 days cleanse that involves eating certain types of melon on specific days, and a 3 day water fast. Apparently each type of melon has a cleansing property (liver, colon, kidneys). There is also a 1 week and 2 week version of it. I would obviously get better results after 21 days, but I wanted to try the one week version to see how I feel before embarking myself in the 3 week cleanse. Here is the link that explains the detox:


p.s. I do not agree with the "when you must have something else" section


  • I have never heard of this but I'd give it a shot! Melon is very cleansing so I'm sure you'd see great results. Funny they tell you salt and popcorn is ok, lol. Seems pretty contradictory to the whole cleanse...I would have a problem with the papaya, its just not appetizing unless I blend it with bananas. And I find when I eat a load of watermelon, my lips and face turn orange! But melon is definetly one of my fav fruits so if you do this cleanse, let me know and I will do it with you :)


    Ha ha! I'm not big on papaya either. I think that's probably going to be the toughest part (maybe the water fast too!). I know, I LOVE melon too! So it's the perfect detox diet (minus the papaya!). I just started this morning, so I'll let you know how things go as the days progress.

    Ya, I know, the popcorn thing and the whey powder don't make sense to me either

  • I'm starting to do something similar atm (today was my first day) I've been eating watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew and drinking some detox tea. I'd heard of a 21-day melon detox before so I thought i'd give it a go. Normally I detox for health/energy reasons, but this time- I'm really wanting to drop my holiday pounds.

    I may try the papaya thing with lime, but probably not exclusively, they are too pricey and out of season.

    No way am I eating popcorn- how on earth is that a detox food??

    Wish me luck guys- Ill keep you posted :)

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