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I've been raw since August of last year. I've had a good share of deficiencies: protein, B12, and iron. I solved the two former, but iron seems to still be a problem. I'm planning on adding oats or bran to correct this, possibly. I'm mentioning the anemia for reference in a theory.

The first few months of raw, I lost weight, maybe around 8-10 pounds. With little effort (no obsessing, calorie counting, etc) I was able to maintain that weight for several months (from August to around April). In May/June, I've been noticing my weight range has slowly been creeping and staying at the higher side. Instead of being between 114ish, I've been more like 118ish. I'm not concerned that I'm getting overweight, but I can't understand how this weight is coming on, especially right at the start of bathing suit season, ugh. I'd prefer my weight to be at the lower range, around 112-114, how it was several months ago.

My diet is almost completely fruits. I eat little fat. I don't even eat enough calories if I track them. (around 900-1,000). I'm probably inadvertently following 80-10-10. Could the reason that I'm gaining weight be that I'm not eating enough calories, fat, and protein? Could the iron deficiency have something to do with it (i've been told that lack of iron could make you gain weight)? Does anyone have any other conclusions/advice/theories?


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    your thyroid and metabolism may be slowing down, do you take any seaweeds in as if not its likely you wont be getting adequate iodine.


  • first of all, why are you experiencing deficiencies? clearly your diet is lacking, and especially in terms of calories. why are you eating so little?

    you sound overly concerned about your weight whilst you also sound to be very slim...

    anyway. if you want to see yourself slimmer, you have to eat more. every few hours, to keep the metabolism going. yes, the reason you're gaining very well could be lack of calories. your metabolism is going to plummet when you eat little, and your body is going to try to store everything it can if it's in semi-starvation mode, which it would be at 900 calories...

    I've had my fair share of issues with eating when I was younger. Please, save yourself the years of bullcrap I had to go through, and just try to be healthy.

    Also 112 lbs vs. 118 isn't that big of a deal...water weight and so many other things can change daily. You're obsessing.

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