Yeast Infections/ IBS symptoms

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Greetings! I have a friend who I've recently learned is really sick. She has been in the hospital for a bunch of gastro-instistinal stuff and while explaining that to me she explained that prior to that, she's been having monthly yeast infections that she takes medication for. I was stunned and know there has to be some dietary cause/ solution. Any advice that I can pass along to her?


  • Sounds to me like she suffers from Candida. My guess is she being given antibiotics which will only make it worse. There are several threads on here that discuss Candida - you could do a search. I think Raw foods would help her greatly but as for which raw diet is best, there are a couple of different approaches. Some swear by 8-1-1 (high fruit, low fat vegan) and some say to go low/no sugar(fruit) and eat plenty of vegetables, legumes, healthy fats etc...But one thing is for certain is that she need to repopulate her body with good flora/probiotics and avoid antibotics if in fact she does have Candida.

    Anyone else want to add?

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    It does sound like a bacterial/fungal problem and may not have started out as Candida. I tested clean for candida but landed in the hospital with very severe dehydration and intestinal pain from c. difficile and cryptosporidium. The antibiotics to treat those landed me with a case of candida I am having a very hard time kicking. High fruit had me feeling more and more tired over time, and low sugar makes me feel some flu-like detox symptoms. I am sticking to low sugar, knowing that I'm battling the candida and I tried Nystatin. I also eat all the fermented foods I can (kombucha, kim chi, sauerkraut, miso, etc.) and take capsule probiotics.

    Allergies could also be at the root. I have colitis and was terribly ill when I was eating foods I wasn't aware I was allergic to. After discontinuing those foods, I was symptom free for a long time.

    I feel that my weak immune system and allergies makes me prone to all of these bugs. I'm on a raw food diet and doing my best to improve, but it's still a struggle sometimes. For the most part I am doing extremely well considering I have lupus and a couple years ago I couldn't sit or stand for more than 20 minutes. Hard work, better living/eating, and LDN have helped me improve.

    You might want to see if there's anything on my blog that might be of use. I am not selling anything - I just write about what I have tried for intestinal and autoimmune issues:

    I hope your friend feels better soon. These sorts of problems are frustrating - doctors don't seem to know how to handle them or what causes them.

    All the best,


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    Both symptoms are linked to low levels of good flora, likely killed off by antibiotic use amongst other reasons.

    The best idea is to repopulate the good flora via fermented foods such as water kefir, cultured veggies etc.

    You must also feed the good bacteria also via prebiotic fibres such as rice bran, oat bran, seaweeds, FOS, Inulin.


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