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When on a raw food diet is it natural to have inregular periods. One month I'll have it and then I'll go without it for a few months. Is this normal?!?


  • I think that's normal for some women regardless of diet, although sometimes changes or "irregularity" are triggered by diet changes.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Might be good idea to link that thread from the other day, does anyone know how to find it though?


  • Does your period just go away when your raw?!?

  • Does your period just go away when your raw?!?

  • RawKarateGirl

    Your period doesn't go away, but changes may indicate some deficiency like iron or calcium. I found after three years eating raw that my iron had dropped really low and my periods along with it. Now that I am supplementing, I am back to virtually regular.

  • nsns


    You can see lots of different opinions and experiences in the search above.

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