Just bought a Vitamix 5200.............. (waiting)

Ya, i just forked out some serious raw dough!!!!

Seen the videos, starting to get excited LOL

Planning on going high raw and cleaning up my diet even more this year!!!

Accomplishments this year:

Quit Drinking over 2 months ago.

Quit Eating All Meat over 2 weeks ago (don't crave it, don't want it)


Icecaps from Tim Hortons.


Currently working on trying to go vegan, i think it will be easier once i get the vitamix.

(.... waiting patiently)


  • wyethiawyethia Raw Newbie

    did you get it yet? I would love to own a Vitamix someday :)


  • Yes I got it in july sometime, it works great.

    Breaks up my cacao nibs and hemp seed much better.

    Made some pineapple juice in it, it was the best pineapple juice I have ever drank.

    It dissolved the core too!!! It was 100% consistant.

    My wife makes homemade pasta sauce in it. It's not raw, but she adds a carrot, celery, and uses tomaotes from the garden.

    Comes out great!!!!

    I like it because it is also easier to clean.

    Is it worth the pricetag??? Only time will tell.

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