I started this diet to get my son off allergy meds and avoid adenoid removal. We are not 100% raw. He eats mostly raw all day and has, maybe, one cooked item at dinner. I have noticed him coughing a lot recently. Anything I can give him to get rid of the cough? He doesn’t cough at any particular time of day, just sporadically throughout the day. Thanks for any advice!


  • I cured many people from coughing simply with organic pears, few months ago a friend of mine had this strong persistant cough, I putted him on a 3 days pear fast and the phlegm moved out of his chest miraculously, many people will heal with just 1 day pear fast and I believe your son just need 1 day.

  • Thanks dancharming10 and marienord! I don’t know if he will eat ONLY pears all day. He is 8 years old! But I will increase his daily pear intake. Will keep you posted!

    marienord: Is that a local program? Or can anyone do it?

  • Nothing but pears all day?

  • yes just organic pears all day should be enough to to move out the pleghm from his chest, please let me know if that works for him

  • Hi WannaBraw

    Please don’t believe to all nonsense conventional medicine teached us that children need to eat lots of animal proteins in order to grow strong

    It is very easy to teach a children how to eat pears all day, I did it with my little cousin of 7 years old last year, he had this very bad cough, so one day I went with him to an organic farmer to get organic pears, during the trip I was telling him all the beneficial powers of fruit and pears, I made up some stories, some fairy tales, I got him so much into fruits and pears that he couldn’t wait to arrive to the farmer and to start his pear fasting, I was giving him pears as smoothies, raw, cutted in pieces with some agave syrup etc, you need to stimulate his mind, when I was a child my mum was telling me all the benefits of eating raw, she was telling me so many stories and he got me so interested and fascinated

  • hey yea! i’ve started this programme at work where we get organic fruit delivered at work once a week and we get organic pears and i’ve actually noticed that i don’t have as much phlegm anymore…

  • Dear WannaBraw…

    Depends on where you’re from. Here in Oslo, Norway it’s called Kolonihagen, which means ColonyFarm and it’s really very nice!

    In the US it’s called Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is a programme that benefits farmers that choose organic farming and promotes these farms to the local community who orders from them and they deliver fresh, seasonal produce once a week or once every two weeks all depending on how you want it.

    There should be similar programmes all around the world :)

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