Howdy folks!

I've dabbled in raw foods for a couple of years now, but haven't really successfully saturated my life with them. I'm aiming to go 80% raw for the time being, still eating wild fish and farm fresh eggs once in a while. My boyfriend is supportive of my interest in going raw, but not into doing so on a grand scale himself, so I'm looking to balance being as raw as I feel is feasible for myself at the moment while still making meals that will be exciting to him and that we can share.

I've been bulimic for the past fifteen years, have asthma, a long history of anxiety and depression, and an incessant (at least) fifteen pounds that will not budge. I try hard to eat well most of the time, but my eating disorder makes things very difficult. It's much better than it was in the past, but I am still an emotional eater and have major impulse control issues, which of course trigger bad, ED behaviors.

Just looking for a place to find some support from people going through (or who've already gone through) the same transition, maybe with similar experiences. I am really wanting to heal myself naturally. Meds have never solved my depression, and I am tired of being sad, run down, unmotivated and overweight. I need to live life and be happy with myself. I am hoping this is the way.

Best to all of you.



  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Hello pixie and welcome- I think there are one or two people on here who have had the same struggles as yourself and finding raw/high raw diet and lifestyle helpful to get to good health and healing the body. I haven't your troubles but have chronic eczema and have been high raw since Wednesday and am finding I'm less itchy now already and the skin is less red. I had an intolerance test and have cut out the offenders- some I already cut out last year such as dairy- I had been vegeterian since 1986 and been vegan since last summer.

    One way to perhaps change your eating is to see food as medicine for your body and that it is a gift to yourself to enjoy lovely fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs etc. I'm seeing my food as a gift from the beautiful Earth to heal me from eczema and will never go back to processed foods ( the additives have caused my problem). I have been eating nuts ( a small handful daily) and mostly salad and fruits and have already lost some belly fat (I'm not overweight per se but have a belly and wobbly bits lol) I am satisfied with my diet and finding it flavoursome.

    Best wishes to you x

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