More constipated than usual

When I first started raw, I was going number 2, 3+ times a day and it looked like the food I'd just eaten (supposed to be normal I think), but lately for the last few days I've been going once, maybe twice a day, and its not as much. Is that normal, or am I eating too many bananas? (o:


  • realize this post was a long time ago but just wanted to say you should make sure you are getting enough water. had similar issues about 3-4 weeks into trying out being raw. now i usually drink at least one big glass of water and add 1-2 t of apple cider vinegar, which helps with digestion and makes you 'go'. ginger, mint, and papaya are also all really good for digestion. when i have a green smoothie every other morning i usually incorporate all three into it and once i'm done refill the container with water and drink that over the next hour or two to get the last bits of green-ness and insure i've got enough liquids.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Twice a day is still healthy and normal so i wouldnt worry at this stage. If it slows down even more though id take concern.

    Be sure to be getting an iodine source such as seaweeds, as low thyroid can cause constipation.


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    It's hard to say without knowing what you're eating. A good guide is that you should have a bowel movement at least as many times as you have meals.



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