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Hi, everybody!

I live in Canada where I currently work as an oil and gas accountant... However, an opportunity has come up for me to move to California (the Silicon Valley) and join my boyfriend who works there. I have always dreamed of living in California and now I have manifested it:-). However, as a Canadian resident I need to have a job in order to live there... I am looking for a job, but also a possible career change. I am a certified raw food coach, a Reiki Master and an angel healing practioner... I am very passionate about alternative healing!

I have been looking for websites that advertise alternative healing jobs but there is nothing I can find... (I was thinking that we can have a Classifieds Section here on this website too..) I am asking for any advice on available jobs out there for somebody with my skill set... Any help will be highly appreciated!

Hopeful and thankful!


  • Well, it is the computer capital of the world, if you have any tech experience, it would probably be best to look for something. Even accounting-like experience could work if only a different industry - computer corporations instead of gas/oil.

    Good luck with that job search though and welcome to california! I live in Santa Cruz, about 30 - 45 min from silicon valley area! Lots of raw food places in all of NorCal, so I hope you have fun checkin places out.

    ^_^ tschau

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    At first create best of the best essay and send, send, send . On my option there are some ways :

    -Find a sales job at a small, consumer startup like a saller 

    -Start writing a ton and get into copywriting for a startup that needs fuel for its content marketing strategy. Many companies now would call this a social media strategist, specialist, marketer, or something else, but really what it means is creating mountains of compelling content to help sell the pitch online

    -Take a flight a few hours in any direction to a bank, hedge fund, video game company, or any of the hundred or so other industries

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    Any luck yet? :)

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