Agave Syrup - is it the new HFCS?

OK, we ALL know that HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is POISON. There's a great youtube video with Dr. Robert Lustig (you can see it on my webpage below) who explains just why it is so bad. But what about agave syrup. Yes, I know that people claim it is low glycemic, but it CAN'T be - there's no fiber in it! Are there any members who know FACTS about agave syrup? I just try to avoid sweeteners whenever possible, but sometimes you need them!



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  • That is why I avoid eating any form of processed foods in any way. Raw and simple as it comes of the tree, vine, earth is my way of eating safe organic food. Basic eating. Of course my morning smoothie has added raw honey but thats as close as I get to processing or mixing foods.

    Agave nectar is in reality not a natural sweetener but a highly refined form of fructose, more concentrated than the high fructose corn syrup used in sodas. Refined fructose is not a 'natural' sugar, and countless studies implicate it as a sweetener that will contribute to disease. Therefore, agave nectar is not a health building product, but rather a deceptively marketed form of a highly processed and refined sweetener.

    Agave nectar, as a final product, is mostly chemically refined fructose, anywhere from 70% and higher according to the agave nectar chemical profiles posted on agave nectar websites. The refined fructose in agave nectar is much more concentrated than the fructose in high fructose corn syrup. For comparison, the high fructose corn syrup used in sodas is 55% refined fructose.

    Once eaten, refined fructose appears as triglycerides in the blood stream, or as stored body fat. Elevated triglyceride levels, caused by consumption of refined fructose, are building blocks for hardening human arteries. Metabolic studies have proven the relationship between refined fructose and obesity.(11) Because fructose is not converted to blood glucose, refined fructose doesn't raise nor crash human blood glucose levels -- hence the claim that it is safe for diabetics. Supposedly, refined fructose has a low glycemic index, and won't affect your blood sugar negatively. But the food labels are deceptive. Refined fructose is not really safe for diabetics. "High fructose from agave or corn will kill a diabetic or hypoglycemic much faster than refined white sugar. "By eating high fructose syrups, you are clogging the veins, creating inflammation, and increasing body fat, while stressing your heart. This is in part because refined fructose is foreign to the body, and is not recognized by it." Not to speak of what it does to your pancreas - it puts them into 5th gear work-mode.

    I hope this helped,


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