Recommendations for a raw distance runner?

Hi All! Are there any long distance runners out there? What sorts of things are folks eating during intensive training? During recovery? What do folks feel are the most important components of a raw diet for runners? Thanks for your insight!


  • I'd like someone with a little more experience and authority to weigh in on this issue. I am fairly new at running but I only started really running and only really gained the ability to run with raw food. I hope to run a half marathon in a few months and someday even a marathon.

    For me personally I think fruit is number one on the list of foods that aid physical activity. When I do run or bike I eat fruit before, fat or anything too heavy slows me down. Then after my run I eat fruit mainly to hydrate me and give me some good stuff. Recently I have been a watermelon addict. So before my run 1/4 watermelon then after 1/4 of a watermelon. Then I will want something in about an hour or two with some protein/fat. I don't go by any guide on what I do, I just play it by ear and do what feels natural. I think a good combo of all nutrients carbs/protein/fat is essential as well as vitamins and minerals for training. Also never limit yourself eat as much as you want as long as it is raw.

    I don't know where you are at in training and all that but be sure to push yourself to expand your muscles and be sure to replenish the energy with more energy so every time after you exercise you are storing more and more energy aka bigger and bigger muscles so you can keep on going longer distances.

    I am new to running and general exercise so I hope someone with some expertise weighs in on this issue.


    durianrider is a cyclist, long distance, so you could read about what he eats.

    Then if you were really serious, i would check out this link:

    which has links to Run Across America. These guys ran 16 hours / day, and a lot of the things they ate were made in a vitamix and raw.

    I'm no expert, but the most important things would be getting enough calories, recovery, sleep and good shoes IMO.

    1/4 watermelon may not be enough calories (250-300??)

    Protein is bro science and people saying you need x amount of fat is more bro science.

    You will be very hungry if your only eating 1/2 a watermelon and doing all that running.

    Your basically starving yourself. It's hard to say, because you didn't mention how many calories you figure you are burning running. You also didn't mention when you run, like do you eat a big breakfast, lunch,dinner and run in the everning, or do you run as soon as you wake up. Those could be factors as well.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i don't run for very long times (1 hr-1 hr 30 min) but i can't run on an empty stomach. i get too dizzy. my go-to meal is a smoothie of 2 bananas. i drink 1/3 of it before my run, 1/3 of it during, and 1/3 of it at the end. granted, i throw in strength training/kickboxing with this so that can add 30-45 minutes to my running routine.

    kc, what distances are you running??

    getting enough calories in is crucial and also eating foods that are easily digestible. i've noticed mono-meals are good for this. bananas, watermelon, and cantaloupe are my FAVORITE foods when i work out. i don't use any others because these just give me power through my whole workout. i also always use coconut water or coconut juice in my smoothies to add extra calories and potassium.

  • Yes, eat enough fruit. 3,000+ calories per day. And get your greens in, too, plenty of sleep, no salt, no syrups, no stimulants (cocao), and plenty of water as well (even though you're eating nutrient-/water-rich fruit).

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