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Reverting back

I'm not saying I want to Revert back to non-raw, but I wanted to see if anyone else feels the same way about something. Since my raw food intake upped Im starting to feel more of a benefit.

Ok let me start from the beginning. I only eat raw chocolate now, but yesterday I was out and about and had an overwhelming kick for some, so my friend gave me a piece of her milk chocolate ( I know it was a weak moment) but as I was eating it, I found it because when I eat Raw cacao I have an instant high, I feel happy blissful and present - it really gets to me in a good way. But this chocolate did nothing I felt nothing well apart from sick after, but I felt no stiimulation, happiness etc. And I realised then and there I could never go back to eating that stuff for that reason alone!

But also I had a non-raw lunch, a real junk food meal and I didnt feel satisified and energised from it, I felt like I could have eaten a box of biscuits or huge icecream etc, but not content.

It makes me think I can go all the way raw now because with so much I could never go back to the old way of how I felt, especially with cacao which when raw its amazing.

Anyone else feeel the same?


  • I used to eat junk food when I was like 12 , I used to eat chips chocolate, cake etc. Its true I felt heavy and never got full eating that stuff, I can go back for more. I finally cut out all the bad food, when I was like 14 and started eating healthier, I wasnt 100% raw, but ate like fat free yogurt, fruit, cooked veggies, whole wheat bread, rice, cereal . Then when I turned 17 I cut out all processed foods, ate mostly fruit, and some veggies, I cooked some of the veggies. Did you expirience bloating or any other sick feeling eating healthy whole cooked foods? or was it only with junk food?

  • nsns

    sweet - did you take prescription medicines in the past? If the bacterial flora in the tummy is destroyed it can cause a lot of gas and bloating. Try taking probiotics for a couple of months and see if that helps.

    If you want to experiment you can try digestive enzymes with the cooked foods for some time to see if that helps. Although that is not a permanent solution it would help you identify the problem.

  • It's funny how what is written in 80 10 10 keeps coming up as true.

    Take some supplements that aren't raw to deal with one problem, which in turn will create an imbalance somewhere else in the body and create a new problem.

    For the new problem we take even more supplements, which in turn continue the cycle of imbalances.

    Exercise and some sun would probably do somebody better than supplements in the long run.

  • I don't really see the benefit in eating stimulants (even "raw" ones), but I do get what you mean about cooked food and its lack of nutritional benefit.

  • I echo your sentiments. In the past,when I've reverted - I've noticed those foods no longer taste very good (and I feel icky afterwards - sometimes for 2-3 days). Now I am no longer tempted by processed food because it now tastes "flat" and dead. Honestly, Its like I can now feel the lack of "vibration" too. In addition, when I stave off the SAD tempations, I just go home and treat myself to raw goodies that I try to keep at minimum like carob fudge or some dates or nut based goodie. I has taken some time but the more I learn how to prepare different raw foods and stay prepared, the more I love this diet and feel priviledged rather than deprived. Also, I spent four days with Alissa Cohen this spring and it changed my whole attitude towards raw. Meeting other raw foodies helped too :o)

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