Hello, I just decided to become healthier andddd go raw.

I really don't know anything about using vegetables sooo if someone wants to help me, feel free. If not. Then hopefully I'll figure it out myself.


  • I would say that I am about 80% raw...some days more, less on others. When I first started out, I made sure breakfast was always raw, usually eating smoothies. When I got that down, and a good routine in place, I moved on to lunch with raw soups and salads. Next I cut out all gluten and discovered how much better I felt! Dinner I alternate with raw recipes or making huge salads to accompany my cooked food.

    Another good tip that I got from someone else and that has really helped me is to drink a big glass of water when you wake up. This is a great way to break your fast and rehydrate. Personally I'm terrible at drinking water, so this habit helps me remember to drink. I usually put msm and a vitamin c tablet in my water for an extra punch.

    I think good routines are the way to go for not falling off the wagon. That means giving yourself time to establish them and not do try to do everything at once. This is a process and lifestyle change that takes time.

    Good luck!

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