Faster healing and scar prevention

I need advice for someone who was attacked by a dog. He is quite lucky to still have a nose right now, as the dog took a pretty big bite of it. The bite did cut through the cartilage, but there was very, very little tissue loss. So the dr was able to stitch him back together really quite well. He also has a bit on the tip of his nose that the dr says may possibly die and then I guess will scar over. He also has a few smaller bites on his cheeks, which got a few stitches as well.

He probably got somewhere between 20-30 stitches in all, and again, the dr did a really good job, from how it looks to me anyway.

But he did say that there will definitely be some scarring and I need to know what he can do to minimize that. He is currently putting on neosporin every few hours, to keep it moist.

When I asked the dr about supplements, or diet, he more or less implied that they won't do much of anything, but did say that vitamin C and E will help him heal quicker.

I know that silica and msm and zinc help to heal skin more quickly, but I want advice from someone who really knows what would be best.

I am going to have him eat a lot of fruit for the vitamin c and watermelon for the silica and maybe a green juice and some sort of vegetable soup and perhaps a hemp based fruit smoothie for the protein and amino acids.

What do you all suggest? What are the must do's?

It has to be simple enough that he will actually do it but as effective as possible.

Thank you.


  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    I don't know about "must do"s but my experience with garlic oil on a wound that would not heal has been amazing.

    Crush 2 cloves of raw garlic and mix with olive oil. Let sit for about half and hour and steep some gauze in the oil and apply to the wound overnight. In terms of anti-microbial function I would say it rivals neosporin.

    and Wheatgrass!

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