I need the details to get started, PLEASE.

Hi. I'm very interested in the raw vegan diet and have heard all about what I'm supposed to eat BUT I have no idea how to put it all together into a daily diet. How much of what should I have? What should I eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Should I space it out and forget the "three meals a day" traditions?


  • As someone who is still trying to go completely raw vegan, my recommendation is definitely eat smaller amounts more often. And something else that was a struggle - veggies have a lot fewer calories than the packaged products I was eating. I would pack what I thought was a huge amount of vegetables for the day and would still be hungry.

    I do like fruit in the morning, raw nuts/seeds midday and veggies all day.

    Really research recipes and put them together so they're attractive to you. And go for variety.

    Nutritionally, I did struggle in the beginning getting enough protein, calcium and especially sodium. I add salt to very little of what I eat. Even when I did eat packaged foods I looked for lower sodium products.

    And you don't need a vitamixer in the beginning. I've been doing OK with just a high quality blender and a food processor. Invest your resources in the beginning on your ingredients to find out what you really like.

    Good luck! You will be amazed how fantastic you feel after only a week.

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