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Raw food changed my life

Hi, I’m new to the forum.I’m living in Qatar,Arabian Gulf.A strict raw eater for past two years, before vegetarian for five years.The reason i turned raw is due to my health. I was having Chronic Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis for 16years.Tried lots of medicines in all systems.Ultimately took refuge in Natural Hygene, took fasting at Nature Life Hospital in India.I did water and juice fasting for 10days since then i eat only raw.My condition improved a lot, all my joints recovered, my skin is shiny and healthy.I got my life back.Thank god and raw diet.I used to be 75-80Kg in the past now i am 58Kg, once i went down to 49Kg then started increasing weight with Raw food, Now stable at 56-58Kg.But i am hyper energetic now. My meals are just the combination of fruits or vgetables,sprouts,nuts etc. It seem you guys are adding more processed items in ur recipes (like vinegar,chese,curry powder etc) for taste.Its OK as long as you are healthy.But it is not advised in case of a person like me with health issues.My fafourite book is Fit For Life by Diamonds.And my brother is a wellness Guru. Like to see ur comments.


  • Hi! That is so nice to hear. I have been reading about different foods to eat to rebuild my joints and which are anti inflammatory. One of my deficiencies has been lysine because I have been a vegetarian for a long time and ate very little cheese or eggs. But now I have found out that low levels of lysine can cause a persons joints to break down. I am curious if you are eating things in particular that are high in silica that is good for the skin, vitamine E, etc. What are you eating a lot more of? There are actually so many choices when it comes to eating raw- I am wondering if you have intuitively gone to eating foods that help your condition. That is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thx for ur reply. What r the foods rich in silica,Vit E? My normal diet is 2Meals fruit and One meal Vegetables,Nuts,Sprouts etc. When i eat fruits i don’t mix vegetables or nuts. I eat what ever available seasonal. Now a days banana,Mango,grapes,Apricot,Avo,Peach,Chery,Coconut,Dates,Mangostien,Lichi,Jack Fruit etc. In Vegs Lettuce,Tomato,Cucumber,Lady finger, basel,gerger, Ashgourd,Radish,Carrot etc. Nuts Cashew,Almond,Ground Nut etc. I eat them sprouted or soaked. I try to eat on meal citrous fruits and the other sweet.Use Olive oil or Lemon as dressing.Some times i drink tender coconut (very expensieve in Qatar).

  • Hi RQ! Here is something I got on the internet. Almonds are high in Vit E but now they are hard to get because the gov’t here wants to pasturize all of them. Wheat germ is also high in it.

    ” One of the most difficult nutrients vital to your hair growth to get in your diet is trace mineral silica. Silica is a form of silicon and is the second most abundant element in the earth

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi rawQatar,

    Welcome to Gone Raw. Thank you for sharing your story – very inspiring!

  • Salam rawQatar! It’s nice to see people from the Middle East discovering the benefits of raw foods. I live in Iraq and I see the poor health of my family (husband’s family actually) and friends here but I know that it’s very difficult for them to give up thier cultural foods and eat only raw, and some just don’t want to at all… I’m really happy to hear that your health has improved so much and that you are able to maintain your health and weight. Thank God for his blessings on you. There are two books I like alot: Green for Life and The Raw Family, both by Victoria Boutenko. I look forward to seeing your recipes! Welcome to the group. K-Mom

  • Thanks Kandace and Wa alaykom salam KM,The fact is every one likes to reduce weight or get out of a health issue.But once you preach about going raw, most people don’t have the will power to over come the stero typed links with the traditions and food.Infact the ancient traditions were supporting raw food.May almighty give wisdom to every one.I will try to find those books

  • Hi, Someone mentioned silica and hair strength. I just wanted to say I juice cucumbers and immediately after drinking the juice my hair feels great…so soft. Anyone else notice that when they drink cucumber juice?

  • Hi Cajcookie! Yest I always feel fresh and cool after I eat a couple cucumbers. Kind of like I’m standing under a virtual waterfall!

  • hi raw qatar,i was very happy to know im not the only one who is raw in doha, im traing to be raw in doha myselfe, and its not that easey. can you please contact me on my email, because i have somequestions for you if you dont mind.

    thank you ,

  • Glad to read you're feeling so great. By the way, I love cucumbers too!


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