Tortillas without dehydrating or oven use

Hi there, One of my favorite things to eat raw is a tortilla with a filling composed of greens, onions, tomatoes, sprouted lentils, and a bit of lime to top it off. What has been giving me trouble is finding a substitute for these sodium filled whole grain tortillas! They taste so darn good but make me feel so bloated and uncomfortable. I read a post in the recipe sections about using sliced Jicama instead of tortillas. Would there be any suggestions about what else I would be able to use so I am able to enjoy one of my favorite raw foods! =)=) . Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and assist me with my troubles.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I have been wondering that too- as I'm allergic to corn and anyway don't want to go back to eathing bread type things. I only have ryvitas or rice cakes with peanut butter sometimed for breakfast as there is no yeast or additives in them- but not the type of thing one can make a tortilla with.

    One idea springs to of my local cafes does home made veggie burgers and one of them is the "skinny" version in which instead of a bread roll to put the burger in they wrap it in lettuce!

    Or perhaps get some buckwheat or quinoa flour and experiment making flat tortilla/chapatti type things- they won't be raw but won't have any nasties in.

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    Thank you for your input. I will consider that if nothing else can be done to solve my dilemma. I am trying to go one hundred percent raw just because of how good I feel after eating a raw meal. It is very easy on my insides a d it seems to give me instant energy right after eating it. Also, I dont get tired after eating like I did before I switched to raw. That is one of the most important things to me about going raw. The great feeling afterwards and the exceptional amount of "lift" it gives me after I am finished with a meal!

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    For all raw, there's always raw nori or collard greens. Drizzling a little oil and salt on either one before filling makes them especially tasty. If you're willing to do cooked, there are 100% brown rice flour tortillas out there that are quite good. But you should stick with the raw if you feel it's right for you. If and when you get a dehydrator, you can make one of the tasty recipes on this site; Kandace has a good one.

  • RawGreensForMeRawGreensForMe Raw Newbie

    Thank you ambiguous for taking the time to help me~!

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