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Had really bad cravings for meat the other day and..........................

Had really bad cravings for meat the other day and..........................

felt like I wanted to eat a piece of meat really really badly.

That is all I could think of all day and i was in a really bad mood, and felt like i was going to go crazy.

I just went vegan on the 23rd, but was on a faily strict diet prior to this , i omitted eggs a month prior, and meat before that, and was on reduced milk.

OK, so I had some b12 1000 IUs in the cupboard but I haven't started taking them yet.

So I didn't know what to do because i felt terrible , tired , and if it was b12 I was told it could be years before you need to supplement.

Well, I took one before i went to bed, i decided NOT to eat the meat.

The next morning I took another one, and went to work and felt better.

That was a few days ago, and i have been taking b12 and have had NO cravings for meat.

Was is a b12 deficiency???

I believe so, just decided to take care of it myself, without going to the doctors.

(BTW, I also was taking multi-vitamins that I have left (not vegan) and the have 25UI in them, but I don't think that is enough)


  • Maybe but it could just have been a craving in general, you might have been craving other nutrients.

    Without blood tests its hard to tell i guess. Monitor how you feel in the next period:)


  • I've never had a meat craving since I gave it up in 1986. I find the sight, taste and smell of it nauseating. Rawcanadian- I know it isn't raw or that healthy but, at least they are not meat and are vegan/vegeterian- eat fake bacon, meaty veggie burgers, fake turkey rolls or such like- that way your craving will be satisfied- you get that meaty taste without eating a dead animal.I tried some of these products years ago and I spat them out- taste and texture too like the real thing for me.

  • Cravings are also just emotional, psychological--if you've eaten a food all your life, it makes sense you would have a connection to it that is other than nutritional. You could have been just craving the toxins inside a really terrible food, craving the damage it causes, or just something in general that is 'heavy.' Deficiencies definitely don't show up after a couple of months, unless you have a severe digestive disorder, in which case you would need supplements regardless of the diet.

  • I am finding a craving for processed rubbish is different to craving a passion fruit. A craving for a fruit or vegetable seems to me the body asking for goodness and lovely tastes, whereas craving for junk food is the addiction to additives. I would crave and crave bread and eat it and then end up bloated. I can eat passion fruits to my hearts' content. :)

  • Well I don't crave meat, and I don't want to eat meat, so I just don't understand this craving that I had. It is so hard to explain!!!

    All I could think about was meat, it was driving me crazy, even though I didn't want meat.

    I was fatigued, tired, and felt burnt out, and very sickish.

    That was last Sunday, and today I feel like I can run a marathon.

    Also, even though I eat some of the vegan meat substitutes , they don't really do anything for me, other than let me have a social bbq and "fit in" with the crowd.

    Those things are transition foods , but i think pretending to eat animals, when you know it is wrong, could translate into insanity!!!

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