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almond butter rip off

two weeks ago i bought maranatha raw almond butter for 10.99( ouch, but i wanted some and figured it would last a while) I went to the henrys and the whole foods and the trader joes and couldnt believe my eyes when the price is now…18.99!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS! I called maranatha to check on the doubling of their price (only on the raw) and was told the price has not changed!! ( jaw dropps, sputter emerges) they said it was mislabeled or something or that i bought non raw ( eh nooo, i sent them my label and the receipt) but really…has anyone made their own almond butter and if so what oil to use, sunflower? olive oil will flavor it to much…and did your vitamix totally give up the ghost blending this stuff? i love it in celery and mixed with maple syrup on “toast” and of course lets not forget the rawceses butter cups….help!!!!!


  • I make all my own butters with the vitamix! It works great. I dont use olive oil I use udo’s, Flax or for a flavor twist I use coconut! Yummy! And is way WAY cheaper! Good Luck and have fun.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I think I said this before in this forum… maranatha are not a good company to buy nut butters from… They say that specifically in their site, it’s not really raw. http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/E… So if you’re going to overpay for a nut butter… Try a different brand. http://www.betterthanroasted.com/ This one is wonderful.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I make all kinds of nut butters in the vitamix, works great! And yes, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper!

  • Wow this is a good reason why I’m glad I can’t get nut butters here.. 20 bucks is outta this world! Of course it also makes of sad cause I don’t have a VitaMix :-(. My poor little blender would in on strike if I tried. Anyone ever tried making in a food processor? Did it work? Sorry to hear that they got so “nutty” with the prices there Omshanti (pun intended)... How’s the biz going? K-Mom

  • morning theft, thanks for the link, ambikalee, ill try at home and see what i cacome up with! coconutty thanks for the support…BTW I did not buy the butter I train horses for a living( and hope to be the unbaker for a living soon=) read: poor as a little church mouse…besides If i splurged on myself like that, my four footed babies wouldnt get their special nummies! hahaha!

    kmom, how are you? i have a persian recipe figured out and will be eating it tonight( then posting it) the main ingredients are tomatoes, lemon eggplant and mushrooms . there is cinnamon and onions over rice( or the veggie version of rice! teeheee) i go tomarrow for another long day of unbaking at the commercial kitchen then a college street faire for their freshman day on wednesday( also the day i drop off goodies at the first coffee shop! aaaahhhhh! im going a little nutty with it all but im having fun! has the heat abated yet over there in kurdistan? I saw some baby things at the store yesterday and thought of you! whats the count down to granola? =)

  • :-D I’m doing very good, glad to hear you didn’t by the nut butter.. That saves money for the gas you’ll be using to drop off your goodies to everyone! No the heat is still here.. Maybe even worse now since we’re in the “Dog days of Summer”, but I’m hanging in there.. on Thursday the doc said that I have about a month and a half left so I’m all excited! I’m starting a little menu of things I need to have on hand for the “Big Day” and things I want to be having in the days after. I’ve been looking at foods which help with energy, milk production and boosting the immune system. So far I have a few items but I still am doing the whole google thing. According to the customer service at USPS they can guarantee to have the box out of the US in 3-4 days, but, after it leaves the US they have no control on the time it takes to reach me.. it is up to the individual countries and their postal services. So I have no clue how long this trip will take my box.. But I will definately post the day it arrives. (The last box my folks sent took aproximately 33 days to arrive so I’m guessing that it should be about the same this time). I was wondering the other day just what kind of horses you have on your ranch? I’ve always loved Morgans and Little Joe’s horse from Bonanza. lol. Take care and good luck with the college street faire!! K-Mom

  • Do you have a coffee grinder? I put dry almonds in the coffee grinder. You can grind them to almost a powder in this and then add a bit of the oils mentioned before to make a butter. I don’t have a vitamix either and the coffee grinder works much better for me than the food processor. Just make sure the nuts are dry.

  • Hey kmom, ill send you photos of my critters through your private email although there is one that im gonna run for my photo for a while as its to cute! its one of my chickens doing her thing! i have four horses at the moment with two being for sale…it is so funny as the cosmos seems to want me to keep 4 horses! i got down to one( whom ive had since she was a baby) and moved out here to Valley Center on 3 acres and in no time was back to 4 all of whom ive owned previously, they came back due to their familys circumstances! gads! so now im trying to track new”forever” homes for them again!!!!sigh.. I used to want to keep them all but now i know better. Im not 20 any more, and i realize that there are limits to my resources and energy.=)

    are there any item a you need for your pregnany i can help you with? lt me know...

    kellyL my coffee grinder works on the softer seeds but the lamond i put in the food processor, ill try making it in there too, what type of oil do you use?

  • Just let me know if you can think of any energy/immune system/mood boosting foods or recipes… I’ve already been promised Halwa (not to be confused with Halva) the day I deliver.. It’s mom-in-law’s Irani-thing. She says that in Iran they make this for the new mom (basically it’s fried flour and dates???) I told her she didn’t have to but she is promising and I’m not sure I can say no to her.. Maybe you know about this? lol.. I’ll be looking for the pics.. Talk again soon K-Mom

  • Omshanti – olive oil, flax oil, or any other mild oil that you like. It really depends on what you have and your taste preference. I will actually sometimes add water, but that makes more of a paste than a butter.

  • If you have a Greenstar juicer you can also run soaked nuts through the blank plate to make nut butter, although I haven’t tried this yet on mine. Marantha raw almond butter is supposedly overpriced because the raw organic almonds are in a shortage right now. The last several jars I got of Marantha not only tasted old and unfresh, but all of these jars had ground up almond shells in with it. Try eating pieces of almond shells in every bite. I think not. It’ll stop you cold in your tracks, trust me. As far as I am concerned, Marantha not only rips you off, but they also make for great business for your dentist when you end up cracking or chipping a tooth on their nut butters.

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