What are the benefits of Sauerkraut

First I apologise if this is an exghausted post Im not sure I did look for previous posts but found non. I recently discovered sauerkraut(raw), I was put off by the smell but I found it amazingly yummy and ate it straight from the jar and quite a bit (though not a stupid amount) I did notice..how would you put it.. an active bowel but Im curious what else is the benefit of it or is my experience just a mere side effect? Plus is it possible I've eaten too much?




  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Sauerkraut/cultured veggies are a great source of good bacteria. They are the best way to repopulate your good flora if your having digestive/candida problems.

    Remember to feed the good bacteria via fibre sources also such as rice bran, seaweeds, FOS, inulin(many fruit and vegetables contain this).


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