Trip to Portland and Eugene

RCBAliveRCBAlive Raw Newbie

I will be traveling to Portland and Eugene this week and next. I know about Blooming Lotus (YUM!) and found out about Prasad in Portland and I know that Sundance in Eugene has raw food. Anyone know of any raw events or other raw friendly stores or eateries in either of those cities? I love to check out raw places!


  • Check out the raw meetup group out there:

    I took a trip to Portland a few months ago and went to one of their events - great group of people and they always seem to have something going on. Oh, and Blossoming Lotus is a must! :)

  • Ooooh, I love Portland! I have friends there so I visit almost annually. There is a place that I believe is called "Proper Eats Market" They have really great raw food. You can dine-in or take it with you. They also have a small grocery section. I can't remember where it is though. North side maybe....I took my non-vegan/raw friend there and she couldn't believe how good raw food is :o)

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