need some backpacking advice please

Hey everyone,

My husby and I just started to get into backpacking and I really need some help on how to be as raw as possible on 4-5 day trips when we have to store all of our food in bear canisters and pack out all our raw bar wrappers or fruit peels. Last trip I didn't have the greens figured out and felt really sick :( If anyone has any advice on which fruit/veggies pack well without becoming a stinky squishy mess in a bear canister five days later, please let me know.

Here's what I'm thinking to bring so far: Lots of Raw Revolution organic greens super food bars, other raw bars, raw nuts, apricots maybe berries, raw crackers, some date/oat granola.

Thank you for your help :)


  • What you have listed is great. For a 4 to 5 day trip, you usually have to stay with dehydrated stuff. Fresh food is just too heavy to carry in sufficient quantities. You could plan to eat fresh food the first day or two (choose things that have very little peel or seeds left over so that you don't have to pack too much out) and then finish up the trip with dry stuff.

    Maybe greens/salad in a ziplock bag already prepped for day 1 (you can reuse the bag for other purposes once the salad is gone). Then have stone fruits, grapes, kiwis, or berries on day two. These fruits don't have too much waste material. Then eat the dried stuff to finish the trip out.

  • Quizeen -

    Thank you sooo much for your ideas. They definitely sound like they'll work well :) I really appreciate your help.

    It sounds like I'll be much better off for these next couple of backpacking trips. I just wish I could bring a backpack overflowing with fresh fruit and green smoothies, but I can't.

  • I've read before that some people bring dehydrated green powders with them, nori sheets, or even maintain sprouting bags/jars to make greens while they walk. Root vegetables, also, can survive a few days out of refrigeration, and won't be smashed. Are you going to try and forage wild greens or berries while you go? Good luck.

  • Ceidren,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your raw vegan backpacking advice. I really appreciate it :)

    I'd love to try foraging, but husby and I are backpacking in Olympic National Park and I think foraging is a no-no unless we're in an emergency survival situation.

    Anyway, thank you again :)

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