show me the farmers market please!

Hello friends. I’ve been living raw in Baton Rouge for years so I knew all my local farmers and farmers markets, where to find my veggies and when, and what grocer to go to. I just moved to Knoxville, TN and I need help! Are there any friends out there that can help me find my produce and farmers markets? Any tips on what grocers there are in the area that can fill my lonely pantry? Let me know or just chat about my new area if you like! Love.


  • Hi Jbirdblue!

    I live in LA but am from Knoxville. What part of K-town do you in? There’s a great co-op on North Broadway. They have bulk foods, local produce and a great atmosphere (I thought). Don’t know the exact address but you can check the phone book or online.

    There’s also the Fresh Market on Kingston Pike…pricey but tasty :-).

    Made me a bit homesick to see my hometown on this site…

    Are you there to stay?


  • Thanks Carol! I live off the papermill exit right by kingston pike. I’ve been to fresh market and also Sutherland produce is very good because they always have farm fresh produce and less “popular” veggies like beets and daikon that grocers usually ignore but I love. I’ve heard of a co-op around here so thanks for the hint on the street name! I love Knoxville so far and want to stay here as long as it takes to get my masters if not longer. I’m addicted to camping in the smokies and I haven’t seen nearly enough yet. And I can’t leave the Tomato Head!! Thanks again, I’ll let you know if I find that co-op. Love. Jay

  • The Tomato Head!

    Okay…now I’m officially homesick…sigh…

    Is there still a produce market on Sutherland called Gone Bananas?

    Here’s the co-op’s website:

    Papermill and Kingston Pike…have you been to McKay’s Books?

    Camping, Smokies…sounds like you’re doing just fine :-)...

    Get ready for football season, tho…the town goes nuts!


  • I hope there is a produce market on Sutherland called Gone Bananas! The search is on, I must find this place. I live about 1 minute away from McKay’s! In fact I was there this morning. I got a few 75 cent cookbooks and a delicious “Ladies Sing The Blues” cd. I learned about football season very quickly. I’m in early childhood development and am being paid dirty amounts of money to babysit for a family every home game. Fair enough, Go Vols! Jay

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