Maple Syrup Powder

I recently bought Sarma Melngailis' book "Living Raw Food." The desserts look so great, especially the caramel bars, but I'm super put off by the use of the maple syrup powder. It's a nearly impossible to find ingredient, ridiculously expensive on her website (one of the few places if can be purchased) and isn't raw.

Has anyone made any of the desserts in this book? What have you subbed with success for maple syrup powder, if you've done so? I'd appreciate any help because I'd really like to make those caramel bars.


  • I am sure date sugar would suffice. It's just dried pounded dates which have their own health benefits. Raw whole ones taste just liek caramels!

  • That's a good idea. I'm sure it would work. Can raw date sugar be purchased, or is it something that can be made at home?

    I have to admit, I make most of my own stuff, but I start to get glassy-eyed looking at recipes that require me to "make" most of the ingredients required to then make the finished dish.

  • I attempted to make date sugar at home. I wasn't successful.

    I dehydrated (at 105 F) pitted deglet noor dates for about 36 hours. (I chose them because they are so dry anyway.) Tried to pulverize them in a Vitamix and a Cuisineart. The dates, which felt dry and hard when I took them out of the dehydrator, turned into a sticky ball in the machines.

    Fortunately, I discovered coconut sugar at my local HFS. Although not raw, it's an option I'm willing to live with. I used it to make the buckwheat bars in Living Raw Food, and they turned out smashingly.

  • I've made the buckwheat bars and honestly, I just used maple syrup. It takes a little bit longer to dehydrate, but were still amazing!

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