Milk Thistle

nixienixie Raw Jr. Leader

Anyone know of a good Milk Thistle capsule as opposed to buying seeds for the liver? I think most are around 80% Silymarin and I've seen some with added Tumeric, Artichoke and Picrorhiza which are also good for the liver. I don't have liver disease nor do I have to have it to take Milk Thisle. Unfortunately I will have to start taking a pill that can affect my liver so I would like to speak to my doctor to see if I can benefit from Milk Thistle and if he would recommend me taking it. YES, I have to take the pill.

Any recommendations?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Bitter herbs are the best tool for cleansing the liver, they must come in contact with the back of your tongue to achieve this so either a powder or liquid.

    I prefer the raw herbal powders always over extracts which are unbalanced and often dont have the same synergy due to other components of the herb being missing. I mean they got the active components of some herbs wrong so many times such as st johns wort alone which puts me off.

    We do sell milk thistle seed powder, i would say another good liver herb is schizandra berry which regenerates and protects the liver. Turmeric as you say is good also and has found to be as effective as milk thistle in protecting the liver aswell as being a good bile flow stimulant.

    Schizandra berry has to be one of my favorite herbs a great adaptogenic, liver aid and much more.


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I like Kroeger herbs; they have an additive-free milk thistle in vegicaps. Healthforce Nutritionals does make a formula they call "Liver Rescue", which has milk thistle and other supporting herbs.

    The site won't let me add hyperlinks; I'm sorry. But a web search will help you find these products.

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