Can't waste..

I'm new to eating raw, but i've been making juice from fruit and veg for a long time, and there's always a lot of thick paste left from the stuff i just juiced and i used to just throw it away. But now i'm wondering if there's anything it can be made into without much effort or difficult cooking (i don't have a dehydrator), because it seems pointless to throw away about a large bowl's worth of fruit remains everytime i make a juice!

Thanks :)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Ive read on a few raw sites that you can use your oven as a dehydrator then you could make the recipes that some do with the left over pulp.

    Ill see if i can find anymore information about using the oven as a dehydrator.


  • Thank you! i'll try using the oven before i get one anyway, as long as it doesn't take too long.

  • I am also new to raw. I love it. I do not have a dehydrator, and have tried using my oven. It takes a lot longer, and wastes a lot of energy. I am trying to save up the money to buy a really good dehydrator. For now, the oven will have to do. :) Good luck.

  • Hello The44,

    I usually mix carrot juice with its pulp and put it on the top of the mashed bananas. Plus I add dates or raisins for the taste. And that's my breakfast :)

    Also, you can check for the recipes that you don't have to use dehydrator.



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