enzyme supplement makes hair fall out?

every couple months, i get a newsletter email from a person/company that does live blood microscopy training.

this one seems controversial, so i thought i would share it:



I jest you say? Well not really. Taking enzymes can indeed make the hair fall right out of your head. What? You have probably never heard such a thing. But maybe you have seen it, and maybe you have been wondering why your hair seems to be thinning lately. Taking any enzymes?

We know enzymes that are in food can be heat destroyed through high temperatures and taking supplemental food enzymes can be beneficial, but some people also take very powerful proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes in-between meals. Sometimes these and other powerful enzymes are in food supplements.

A few years ago someone was in class and they were consuming a particular green drink which had a particular mix of enzymes. The one thing this gal noted was her hair was falling out. Sometimes it is hard to discern what is causing an issue, particularly when we are consuming something we think is good for us. We often never associate the cause of our ills with the "nutritional" supplements we are taking but that is often the case.

Such was the case with the gal losing her hair. Different people have different chemistry. Some people can get stuck in a state of catabolic and dysaerobic metabolism. To an extreme these folks are falling apart, have trouble building muscle, are prone to oxidative stress, and often see overly alkaline tissues leading to all sorts of issues.

In a overly catabolic state people can have problems maintaining and building cells, and when strong protein digesting enzymes are added to their diet guess what? The enzymes start to digest them. Bye-bye Goldilocks. Hello Baldy. In the case above, the key to stop the hair loss was to get off that particular supplement (as well as recognize the core imbalance and work to correct it).


I recently received a report produced by a supplement company touting the benefits of their line of products that extolled the virtues of their encapsulations - how they do not use magnesium stearate or other binders or fillers.

I have covered the magnesium stearate and binder/filler issue in a prior newsletter so won't get to that here other than to say that if you had two products side by side with the same ingredients and one uses magnesium stearate and the other does not, you would likely choose the one without and you might even find that it tests "energetically"- if you did such testing - much better.

Empirical Labs which produces a private line that is specific to our Flow work for moving chemistry in certain ways when needed has never used magnesium stearate or other binders or fillers in their encapsulations. But if you read the label, you'll find they use gelatin capsules.

Oh horrors. Gelatin capsules. What self respecting vegetarian is going to consume a gelatin capsule? Well maybe those that are interested in their health. Let's talk about this for a bit.

First from the cost and manufacturing perspective. 1) Gelatin caps are less expensive. When a 100 count bottle hits the retail market, it can be about $2.00 less then the vegetable cap alternative. 2) Veg caps definitely do not run as well as gelatin caps in the machinery which means slower processes and potentially more down time. And of course in business time is money. Today the FDA is pounding small nutritional supplement providers into the ground with regulations and costs and survival requires efficient processes. (Read into this and you will begin to understand how your natural health choices are being systematically eliminated.)

From a practice perspective, gelatin caps set well on people's stomachs. There is a reason that gelatin is the one food that hospitals can always give to patients. There is no other substance that is so well tolerated by so many humans.

The same cannot be said of vegetable capsules. At one time, vegetable caps had a problem with dissolving. They didn't. They would go right through people. Why? Well, while it may be vegetable based, you're really dealing with a product of the chemistry lab. You could kind of think of vegetable caps as polysaccharides sourced from plants that have been plasticized in the lab.

Now it is true that today the modern veg cap is dissolving fast, but then there are issues of which countries will accept them into their country. Whoa, wait a second! You mean some countries do not allow supplements in the door with veg caps? Yep. What else don't some countries let in their door? How about GMO foods. Well sure it is food, but it is food out of the lab that has been tampered with.

Ditto veg caps. These are substances that through the course of life on earth humans have never been ingesting. Bet your veg cap provider never put it to you like that. So the vegetarians that are insisting on vegetable capsules for their nutritional supplements are getting what they want. Problem is, they have no clue it is coming out of the chemistry lab and in many cases is being marketed to them specifically to meet their belief system.

So who is the biggest user of veg caps? Pharmaceutical companies of course which are also the biggest manufacturers. So when costs increase on the little guy to such a level that they will be driven out of business who will be left? Yep, those pharmaceutical companies, packaging up your dietary supplements with whatever binder, filler and encapsulation they want. You better believe it will be their lab conceived and produced vegetable capsules.

In time perhaps the veg cap story will change. Right now however we know very sensitive people cannot tolerate these man-made veg caps. So if you're a small supplement provider and want to do the reasonable thing to provide a cost advantage to your customer, not have problems with sensitive people, and make sure your product can cross a border when needed, you'll likely use tried and true gelatin capsules Kosher certified worldwide. And so it goes.



  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    "and oftentimes they're always dealing with a health issue of one sort or another"

    Didn't like the article, it is biased.

    Many people change their diets BECAUSE of the health issues caused by the SAD diet.

    Also with 70 percent of Amercians overweight, many with high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, etc, taking those pharmaceutical pills, then the conclusion is to keep eating that dieted??

    HMMMM....... The fact that these zombie people DON'T deal with their health issues, but would rather keep eating their burgers with fries and pop, and feed the pharmaceutical companies doesn't make these people healthier.

    And then I didn't notice anything about Meat is Murder in the article.

    If a person is an animal, and killing another human is murder, and a cow is an animal then killing another animal to eat it is .................... MURDER!!!!

    Either way an animal is still killed!!!!

  • PinkWatermelonPinkWatermelon Raw Newbie

    Hey guys... yes I think it's biased too. Sweet Wheat (the wheatgrass capsules I use) says right on the box that it contains "potent live enzymes" and my hair has been growing LONGER and thicker. They are RAW, 100% Organic, and gluten free. http://www.sweetwheat.com/ if you're interested!

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