Hi I'm new here!

Hello everyone. I've been raw for just over a month now. I have been lurking around here for almost the entire month and I decided that it was time to formally join you guys. First I have to say that I like this place because it seems like a genuine community interested in live raw vegan foods and not a place to advertise for one specific store, or book, or whatever.

I will give you guys a bit of background information. I think I ended up coming to raw foods in a very different way than most. At this time in my life I am going through a life cleanse, of sorts. I had a very troubled childhood (was a victim of molestation for many years), which led to a very confusing and lonely time through my teens. The most damage was done by me when I was a young adult. I was tired of being scared and angry. I decided that I was going to enjoy my life and that I was going to put the past behind me. I thought I was doing well, but I see now that I was wrong. I started seeking out fun, like it was an obsession. I eventually started using all sorts of drugs. I never became what you think when you imagine a junkie, so I thought everything was ok. The truth is that my attitude of always looking for a good time, which usually involved drugs was very "junkie" like. Those years of my life did bring fun moments but with it came lots and lots of trouble. I might have continued on this road till it killed me but a few things just fell into place at the right time, and well here i am now.

I eventually got in trouble with the police (lucky it was for something small), while I was in the holding cell I met this lady who seemed like she could be me in the future. That was scary and I did not want to be her. I thought my life would be different after that day but as it turns out the process was pretty slow. Almost a month after that I was in a car accident (not my fault, not drug related) and I was hurt bad enough that it forced me to stop my life. The pain kept me home most days and this gave me time to think and look at my life. At this time I made a choice to change. I wasn't sure how but I new I needed it. Slowly things started to fall away and I could see a better person coming through. It was a hard change for me and Im not sure it was even going so well. I still occasionally did drugs and thought it was ok cause it wasn't taking over my life anymore. Then last summer I met a guy that saw things in me I had never seen before. I'm not sure anyone had seen them. He without saying a word made me realize that I had been selling myself short. Being around him made me want to be a better person, We are no longer together but I'm happy to have met him. He taught me that I am worthy and that anything can be done, the past can not limit your future if you don't allow it.

With all of these things moving me towards change I eventually ended up with the idea that I needed to lose my fear. I decided that I would do the things I dreamed of, but never thought I could do. I love nature and being in the outdoors. Before the accident I was an avid surfer. The accident was 2 years ago and I have just been able to work out again a few months ago. I'm trying to get into better shape so that I can get back out there. I also am going to start rock climbing soon. Eventually I'll be doing all kinds of things.

Sorry to go on forever and ever......This is what brought me to raw foods. I have been at the gym since Feb and have not seen myself get fitter or stronger. I told my brother I was going to get serious so we could rock climb this coming month, I did some research online and found raw foods, It was perfect for me because I had already begun to suspect my food was unsafe to eat with all those chem, hormones, ect.... I had even started an organic garden (which I was not good at tending). I gave myself the weekend to eat all the SAD I wanted and on Monday gave up all meats and started adding raw to my diet, For the entire month I have been anywhere between 50 & 95% raw. I have dropped 12lbs and I feel awesome, I haven't been able to make it to the gym to often this past month, but I fell like I am stronger and have tons more energy. I told my mom like on week 2, "I never knew how bad I felt, till I felt better". Its actually quite sad that people are so used to feeling bloated and uneasy that they don't even realize it is not normal.

Again I'm sorry to go on and on but I think it's interesting to see everyones journey unfold.

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