Hello :)

My name is Forrest (I'm a female), I'm almost 19 years old, and I live in Milwaukee, WI (not the healthiest state).

I recently decided to go raw just because I want to be clean inside and out! Since I've been eating raw, I feel amazing! My diet consists of mostly fresh fruit, and leafy greens.

I am truly interested in meeting some raw foodists, especially around my age. So if anyone is interested in what eat, what I'm interested in, etc. just post a reply! :)


  • hey, my name is nichole, im 18 in vermont and generally in the same situation

    message me sometime!

    i dont have ANY raw friends!

  • hey , my name is luna am 20 i have just decided to go on a raw diet have never done this sort of this before i really want to be healthy and clean my insides.

    has anyone got any tips for me please ?

  • The best thing to do is find a Raw Meetup (meetup.com) in your area. Usually there is one in your city, or perhaps in a nearby city if you live in a small town. it's so fun to go to potlucks and meet people, and you can stay up to date for raw events. Raw meetups also sometimes host local events for raw chefs and leaders.

  • Hi my name is Marta. Im 20 and very excited to meet raw friends. I live in Orlando (technically Eustis but it's a po-dunk town so I spend all my time in the city).

    How did you find out about the raw diet? I'm always interested in finding out how people my age got into it, I hardly ever meet anyone who even has the slightest idea about what I am talking about.

    What interests you? Student, working?

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