100% raw for a week now!

Hey, everyone! I'm a long-time lurker but finally decided to sign up so I could ask a few questions... I've been 100% raw for about a week now, but before that I was vegan for almost a year, then vegetarian for about 5 years before that. Most of my questions are about detoxing, hopefully you all can give me some insight!

For the first few days, I had some pretty harsh emotional reactions to detoxing, mostly just irritable and super moody (almost like I was hormonal) and I know that had something to do with the lack of sugar and caffeine in my diet. My skin also blew up and looked pretty gnarly, thankfully that phase is over.

I guess what my question is why am I so tired??? For the first few days, my body was like "sleeeeep, SLEEEEEEEEEEP" so I slept for maybe 14 hours a night for awhile, now I sleep my regular 8 hours and take a short nap in the afternoon. When I wake up in the morning, I feel absolutely amazing, but towards noon I feel completely exhausted again.

Can you chalk it up to the detox or do you think it's something else? I'm drinking tons of green juice, eating salads, seaweed and lots of fruit, but I'm still tired!!

Also, if you could give me your experiences on detoxes, too, that would help me tons!

Thank you!

(also, sorry if there's a similar thread, I couldn't find one if there was.)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    If you were a regular caffiene drinker then its likely that your adrenal glands are just adjusting to not having a CNS stimulant to perk them up. Which would go hand in hand why your tired mid-day.

    It will get better, with a good diet rich in vitamin C and vitamin b5 the adrenal glands can recover quickly aslong as you keep away from the stimulants aswell as stress.

    Good to hear your eating seaweeds too, great source of iodine which is hard to get elsewhere, plus they have multiple health benefits:).


  • Thanks, powerlifer. It's definitely possible what I was feeling was a sugar/caffeine withdrawal!

    Does anyone else have any detox experiences or similar experiences?

  • wyethiawyethia Raw Newbie

    I don't have specific experience with it, but I've seen it mentioned as a common symptom when going fully raw as your body comes down off all the stimulants and madness of a SAD diet.


  • When I started, I had headaches. I probably had other mild symptoms but the headaches were the only noticeable thing. Instead of getting the mid afternoon slump, I got the mid afternoon headache. It was awful. I quit caffeine at about the same time I started raw as well and I got tired, but I more took naps to get rid of the headaches, haha.

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