Hormone Imbalance?

I've developed a rash on my chin a few weeks ago that just started on one side and was very minor. But now it has become progressively worse and is taking over both sides and is "climbing up" to my right cheek. I've heard before that when you get a rash and a breakout on your chin it is a sign of a hormone imbalance. Is this correct? The rash is like small little red bumps, but some of them have the tiniest white heads. I know that maca helps regulate hormones, so I've been adding 1tsp to my smoothie almost everyday. Are there any other suggestions as to what is causing my rash and how to get rid of it? Thanks :)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    It might be hormonal imbalance although it could be a number of skin conditions, maybe try see a doctor see what they say.

    The best tool to balance hormones is bitter herbs on the back of the tongue, bitter herbs help cleanse the liver which is the key to hormonal balance. Up your water intake if you do use bitters as they cleanse the liver very effectively.

    Maca and the other adaptogens such as jiaogulan, schizandra berry, ashwagandha are all good for hormonal balance. Jiaogulan i prefer over maca as it has about 5-6 times the sterol content.

    Vitamin b's from natural sources help the liver in the breakdown of hormones aswell as supporting your intestinal flora which then break down the hormone metabolites.

    Hope that helps abit


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