I was just wondering about Osteoporosis. My aunt is near retirement and told me she is afraid of getting Osteoporosis since it seems to run in the family. We (and everyone else we know) has heard that you should increase your calcium intake to avoid this... hmmmm... a ploy from the dairy industry??? So of course, she has started eating a lot of dairy and taking calcium supplements (something she has never done before). In fact, I've also read somewhere that in those countries that have a dairy tradition, rates of osteoporosis are actually higher than in those countries that don't. I told her that I heard this, but like to come with some more concrete nutritional advice and information for her. Do any of you know anything about the subject?



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    The most important nutrient in bone density is silica. The best sources are food grade diatomaceous earth, nettle leaf and rice bran. If your stomach acid is low due to age then bitter herbs on the back of the tongue will help increase stomach acidity so you can absorb silica better.


  • I'd recommend vegetables, sunlight, and exercise over dairy.

  • There is a possibility that your aunt will weaken her bones by consuming dairy products and taking calcium supplements.

    No other animal gets the urge to suck on a cows tit except for baby cows of course.

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    Make sure you let her know about the cancer link:


    and the heart attack link:


    and there is lots of info showing the countries with the highest dairy intake have the highest hip fracture risk.

    She is way better off with sunshine and exercise and a good vegan whole food diet, since eating meat also reduces calcium in the body. Calcium is used to neutralize the acidity in animal products that enter the body.

  • I'd recommend the reads the China Study - there are several examples of countries that do not consume dairy having no evidence of osteoporosis and of course the converse is true. Lots of evidence and examples of what is eaten in those countries. It's not a RAW book though so raw food isn't mentioned but its convincing evidence.

    I'd look at eating nettles and other greens and perhaps sesame seeds or sesame mylk if you like that.

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