Most helpful raw books, foods and tips?

Hi, I went veggie when I was 5 (the only member of my family who has a consience!) and have been vegan for 2 ish years, and discovered raw about 6 months ago. I was intriged, but wasn't sure I could do it as my mum would be the one paying, and other family members would complain how hard it is to feed me (they already do!) I'd really like to go raw! I'm always tired and get eczema quite a lot and have heard raw helps this, as well as just making you feel great. I already eat mostly raw snacks (fruit, veg, pinenuts etc). I'm a little concerned about nutrition, but I think if I just eat enough variety I'll be fine. To keep costs down I'm trying to grow my own, and do sprouting and stuff. Unfortunatley Im alergic to avacados (makes my mouth swell) but I love them so I eat them anyway! also any tips you'd like to share, how to convince parents and prove to friends I'm not a rabbit (I like rabbits by the way:D) ?

What books would you recomend for people considering raw but not sure how to start, for newbies, recipes and nutrition? :) and what foods saved your life when you first became raw?

thank you lovely raw people! :)


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    If your tired alot and you have eczema then your adrenal glands may be at fault. Your adrenal glands may not be outputting sufficinet anti-histamine epinepherine and corticosteroids.

    To build up the adrenals they need natural vitamin C food sources are best so berries, kiwis etc, if you want a herbal source then amla, acerola etc which have the bioflavinoids for absorbtion. The next most important nutrient for the adrenals is vitamin b5 again food sources are best bee pollen(i know your not vegan so make your own choices on that one), rice bran, nettle leaf, nutritional yeast and seaweed.

    Adaptogenic herbs help restore the adrenal glands and any other issues in the body, good sources are schizandra berry, jiaogulan, licorice root, ashwagandha, maca root and suma root.

    The adaptogenic herbs will help your fatigue whilst building up your adrenals for the eczema, eczema is though to be from part adrenal gland dysfunction and mild liver toxicity/stagnation so bitter herbs coming in contact with the back of your tongue to cleanse the liver is the best tool.

    Beaglelove who is another member of the forum has had success with these remedies for her eczema which is great.


  • It has been said that green smoothies have everything that the body needs as far as hydration/nutrition/antioxidants go (except maybe Vitamin D and B12). They are easy to prepare, relatively cheap, completely raw and you probably already have a blender.

    More info here: Green Smoothies

    The above link has info on a great book, and a starter recipe and any other info you need to get started.

    Green smoothies, being liquefied allow the body to assimilate the nutrients much better. Going on green smoothies helped a family member with a skin condition and scalp condition. It also helped a friend eliminate a recurring rash on the inner thigh.

    As far as convincing others.. if you can do that, package your process into an eBook and sell it and you will be rich! :) We all probably have similar frustrations... People are generally stubborn, and don't want to hear "alternative" ways of doing things, or ways that defy their doctor, and they tend to ignore the warning signs when it means they have to make short-term sacrifices.. they don't tend to think in the long term.. don't worry about others.. do your thing, get your results and people will perk up and start asking questions.

    Keep the smoothies cheap, especially initially.. buy no-name brand frozen fruit in bulk, some bananas, fresh greens, 100% OJ and blend it up.. yummy! and raw and healthy...

    Best of luck to you.. Now go get rid of that eczema! :)

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