Looking to hire a Sales Person to sell my Children's books

Looking to hire a Marketing Specialist/Sales Person to sell my books for Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Vegan Children.

Must have skills in Marketing, Social Media Expertise, Be interested in helping out with website content which includes making up contests for the kids, making interesting videos, and anything else that you can come up with.

Must also be a Raw Vegan or in the process of changing over to one. This job also includes promoting my Raw Lifestyle Consulting Business.

I am located in Seattle, WA but I am looking for the best person to fit the job, so I am looking to hire someone from anywhere in the US. We can communicate via online and the phone.

You will get $1 per book you sell or a percentage of the cost of any clients you send my way for the consulting business.

Once you are hired, any book I sell will count towards a book sold for you since online sales are not able to be tracked back to the source. So I am basically looking for someone to get the word out and to keep the site updated. Also, as business picks up there will be bonus incentives and lots more in store for you.

This job is a meaningful job that helps support kids with their Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw Vegan lifestyle. Contact me if you fit the above description and want to be a part of something great and wonderful.




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