Going raw for type 1 diabetes


I feel slightly embarassed that my only introduction to going raw has been to try and reverse, or manage diabetes. I was diagnosed very recently with type 1 diabetes, after ending up in the accident and emergency dep, suffering with the early stages of ketoacidosis. I am 25, very slim, and THOUGHT that I had a...reasonable diet. After spending several days researching the power of going raw, I feel absolutely disgusted at the food I was eating.

What I find even more shocking is the diet plan I was given by a diabetic dietician. I dont think they could be more innaccurate if they tried. I was 50% raw for three weeks, but only 100% for 5days. I am waiting on a raw food for diabetes book to arrive so I can make sure I am eating the correct amounts etc. The smoothies I have been making are absolutely delicious and...I guess for some of you this is no suprise - I have the best blood sugar levels in weeks (i was around the 18 mark after meals, and was having to increase insulin every other day) to now REDUCING insulin, and waking up to blood sugar in the normal range (5.8) vs the 13-15 i was getting on higher levels of insulin, and the complete removal of any cakes, sweets, crisps etc.

Im sorry this message is all over the place...but im intrigued as to whether anyone else is using raw foods to control their diabetes. I actually feel that this chronic depressing illness (Which the diabetes team tell me I should be experiencing grief about) is actually about to save my life, and make the life i have soooo much better by forcing me into eating PROPERLY. I never would have done it without the kick up the bum of diabetes. Already after quitting junk food and drinks for 3 weeks I dont even want them. I took a bite of a biscuit (and i mean a small bite) and it made me feel sick, so sweet i could feel the effect straight away. I've been poisoning myself for years.

Would love to hear from others as although I am excited to be embarking on this life changing journey, it also feels a little lonely :)

Right now...thank god for diabetes.!!



  • if anyone has any advice or...interested in the results I find... please email me freebirdsflying@googlemail.com

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    My herbalist knows alot about type 1 diabetes and herbs to control it. He isnt raw but he is very knowlegable so ill try to email you the information.

    if i forget please email me from my site below and ill forward you the information:).


  • Bex what you are doing is *extraordinary*. Most people I know pay no mind to what they are giving their body, and figure that diabetes just is.

    I myself have been raw for 2 years and like you say, your tastebuds change. Fruit actually tastes sweet on its own again - grapefruit with sugar pfffft :)

    When it gets tough remember, yes it IS tough at first, and most people would rather eat the normal american fare and say "well I sure hope it goes ok, nothing I can do."

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