I find nothing wrong with supplementing..

It's technology. We are humans. Sprouting is a technology. Fermentation is a technology. It's biotechnology.

Technology is ancient. The Chinese have made tofu hundreds if not a thousand or so of years ago. This is a protein extract. The gladiators consumed activated barley powder.

Now we have raw vitamins, ie Garden of Life products, which are not completely vegan for the V D3 (though D3 IS found in some plants and in rye fermentation, completely vegan). B12 is fermented.

This is a different type of technology though. Agriculture is another technology that could be of use. Perhaps that is a better way than just making "raw" vitamin/mineral extracts. Perhaps b12 can be found in natural fermentation, or the grounds/soil?

It's a fact of life.. We have bigger brains, and to support this bigger brain we implement technology, to get the nutrients we need, but STILL keeping them in their rawest forms possible. So what, they might have less energy, in the meantime. We dont have a society that puts their focus on being all raw, yet. Maybe one day we can find (or create) a source of energy that has everything we need. We choose a raw food diet because we see that raw food has more biophoton energy than cooked food. This is fact.


  • I will be high raw, and get supplements. If only we could find more raw supplements.

    Also, if b12 can be fermented than why can't we build the flora to be able to ferment this in our guts? Maybe we have lost the ability to make b12 on our own because our ancestors ate meat for many generations.

    Vitamin D3 has been found in Solanaceae plants, and rye fermentation. DHA is in algae. So, we can just get algae.

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