Recipes high in oil

Hello everyone!

I am new to the forum and new to a raw diet. I am not 100% raw, but am eating all raw foods except at dinner time.

I was wondering about recipes with lots of oil. I have Ani Phyo's cookbook, and all her soup recipes sound delicious, but they seem to have a lot of oil in them. The only one I've tried so far is the Tomato Bisque. After eating a VERY small serving, my stomach felt uncomfortable, and I just generally felt blah. Has anyone else had the same feeling after eating high oil recipes? Before incorporating raw foods into my diet, my oil intake was extremely low, as I only used a teaspoon or so for stirfrying. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issues, or if I should maybe start slower, and use less oil??


  • Can't speak for any particular recipes but I imagine lowering the amount of oil(or completely) would probably still make it come out okay and might remove the problem.

    I wouldn't use high oil recipes myself, but that's just me.

  • Yeah, I have seen raw recipes for soup with 1 cup (I promise you) or 1/2 cup of oil for 4 servings. It's crazy!! I would suggest lowering or eliminating the oil and adding water insteaad. :)

  • Ditto to the other comments. I wouldn't use that much oil myself because it makes me feel weird, too. I usually just use some avocado in place of oil (like in raw soups) and it seems to treat me better :).

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