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doesn't fruit make you fat?

fructose turns into fat when sugar is low in the liver. I also felt a bit sluggish after waking up in the morning and eating fruit. It seemed like it was turning into fat and I felt slower metabolically. Too much sugar.. does not feel good.


  • maybe fruit is only good on the go and for short bursts of energy. but for people who don't have time to exercise much it's better to take something that is low glycemic grain, and more complex sugar. perhaps like barley.

  • any science behind the fruitarian thing?

  • Ever see a FAT monkey??

  • gorillas can have bellies.

    and yes,most monkeys do have a belly. It might be natural for them though to have a belly so most wouldn't call it "fat" but a belly I've seen on most of them. Except for maybe the small ones but still they can have a protruding belly.

    Humans developed a mutation to survive periods of famine by converting fructose sugars to fat in the liver when fruit is found.

  • Hm well my first thought is that no, I don't think fruit is a good choice for weight gain/fat. I reach for fruit as a snack (for water content and quick satiating), and if it is winter & my favorite fruits aren't in season I will get a bit "eh" about apples and more apples.

    Like you ghost, I don't care for all the sugar anymore and thus am not interested in trying to live on mostly fruit. Doesn't make me feel good, I'd rather eat dark greens all day long... and I do :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Weight gain i guess boils down to calories in versus calories out. It doesnt really matter the source whether excess carbs/fat or protein if its excess you will put on weight.


  • For me, too much fat makes me sick to my stomach, especially from oils.

    I don't notice this if I were to eat an avocado


  • even monkeys in the wild have bellies.

    Anyway.. I dont know about the role of fruit in our diet. Though for sure fructose does convert to fat faster than other carbs regardless of where it comes from.

  • Early Humans Skipped Fruit, Went for Nuts

    Tooth analysis reveals our human ancestors preferred root vegetables, nuts and insects in their diets.


    I don't know how root veggies can be eaten raw... they can't. They can probably be eaten cooked.

    But, as for looking for foods that can be found on the ground.. well grains are found on the ground.

  • I don't care what "early humans" ate--it was arbitrary in any case, and I don't try to emulate any part of their violent, sick lifestyle, either. Fat is what causes me to gain weight--you will likely feel a bit different as you change your diet, but this doesn't mean that fruit is turning into fat in your liver.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Australopithecus anamensis may have "preferred" these foods (the tooth analysis doesn't show preference, only what these early hominids were eating), but modern man did not evolve directly from Australopithecus anamensis. We have discovered the fossils of several species in man's evolution that existed after anamensis.

    And by the way, there was a human species (I believe around the time of homo erectus) that lived on primarily tough foods like nuts, seeds, bark, twigs, and berries (they had very tough teeth with a large ridge on the top of the skull for stronger bite force). This species died out.

    More important than relying on the diets of our ancestors (or even our current) primate cousins is that we look to our own anatomy and physiology. Based on that (e.g. long digestive tract, low stomach pH, dental formula 2/1/2/3, the fact that our bodies breakdown all food into sugar) it is pretty clear that humans have evolved to eat a fruit-based diet and certainly not a meat, green, grain, tuber, legume, or fat based one.



  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Also, here's a quote from an article on sugar by John McDougall:

    "The process of synthesizing fat from sugar is known as de novo lipogenesis

  • is that the same as fructose sugar or all sugars, including complex carbs?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    It's referring to all sugars. That said, McDougall doesn't promote a fruit-based diet. He's more into cereal grains, as you can see from this article:




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