Does anyone have any experience with Living Light Institute or 105degrees Academy classes?

I'm in culinary school right now and am looking to apply for a grant to attend some classes at either of these schools during the summer (that is, as long as the scholarship committee doesn't just assume I'm some wacko hippie and write me off), as becoming a raw food personal chef is my ultimate goal. I can't decide between the two, although California is looking more appealing than Oklahoma at this point. I know 105degrees is relatively new, but has anyone attended or taken any classes at either of these two places and is able give me their thoughts? Thanks much!


  • YES! I love 105 degrees. I didn't enroll in the culinary full time academy but I took the weekend classes. 105 degrees is a place where everyone is always so encouraging and never says a negative thing. I never felt out of place or like a "newbie" even though I was very new to raw at the time. I learned a lot and it completely changed the way I prepared meals for my family. It gave me more confidence in the kitchen. They try very hard to always reinvent their menu and have a ton of events going on with local celebrities. We moved to Germany otherwise I would still be there all the time hanging out or learning. :) Highly recommend!

  • Thanks for the input Weazelchef! I could be wrong, but from their website 105degrees seems to be more gourmet oriented than Living Light - meaning more unique dishes than basic stuff like lasagna and tacos. What kinds of things did they teach you?

  • Yes, it is definitely gourmet but they teach everything from basics to fancy cheeses.

    I attended a "how to have your own dinner party" class which had 6 courses.

    also these:

    coconut class (ice cream, milks, desserts, how to open)

    beginner class (teaching basics and answering questions)

    cheese class (fermented cheeses, gourmet cheese, how to step by step)

    spring menu class (learned gourmet recipes using spring ingredients)

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