Good Chicken Replacement?

What's a good thing to use as chunks of "chicken" in recipes?


  • Hmm, it depends on what is surrounding the rest of the recipe. In cooked-vegan circumstances you would use tofu or tempeh so the raw version will take a little more creative license.

    If you're making chicken curry chunks, you could use chunks of pineapple and coat them in the same curry sauce, but for something something savory you could use chunks of marinated mushroom. You could experiment with different types to get the flavor you want, but here's what I found online from

    "Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom = sulfur mushroom Notes: This got its name because it has the texture of cooked chicken. You can saut

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I'd also suggest mushrooms. If you're trying a new variety, be absolutely sure that it is safe raw--there are edible mushrooms out there that are poisonous unless cooked (and of course others that are poisonous even after cooking). This site suggests cooking the chicken-of-the-woods mushroom well before eating:

    If you're not into mushrooms, zucchini or other summer squash cut into chunks might work. You may want to dehydrate the chunks for a while first to make them firmer. Good luck with your recipe(s)!

  • Thanks for the info and ideas! I want to make a raw chicken curry dish and sometimes I just feel like having chunks of chicken on a salad or something.

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