raw flattened rice

I just found white and brown raw flattened rice at my local bangladeshi grocer. Has anyone used this before? A number of recipes I'm finding seem naturally raw (adding warm water/milk (almond)) but I'm new to raw and was hoping to benefit from others experiences.


  • I've never used it myself, but I've seen Indian recipes that use it uncooked. You just add whatever liquid you want and use it like you would cooked rice. Here's a recipe I found to give you an idea:

    Flattened Rice (aval/poha) With Coconut and Jaggery (unrefined sugar)

    Serves 4

    Flattened rice - 5 cups

    Coconut - 1 cup

    Grated jaggery - 2 cups (or to taste - I like it sweeter)

    Milk (I used it at room temperature) - 2 cups

    Cardamom (optional) - 2, powdered

    1. Mix the flattened rice with the jaggery until it has blended well. Now mix in the coconut.

    2. Add the milk a few spoonfuls at a time and mix well. Using your hands yields best results :)

    3. Finally, mix in the cardamom.

    If you like it a bit soggy and soft, use warm milk and leave aside for 10-15 mins before serving. This is an easily digestible, healthy snack and can be made in no time.

  • P.S. are you sure the rice you have is raw? I read that most flattened rice is parboiled before it is flattened.

  • not positive on if it is for sure raw - which is the other reason i haven't bought it / was hoping to hear from others. the wiki / info online seemed to imply raw but i'm unsure and there isn't much writing on the package and what is in writing i can't read the language. hmmm i don't really miss or like rice, but figured it would be a new ingredient to try if it was raw

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