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Hi all

been a vegan for a while but at least 95% raw for the last 3 months or so. this was totally not intentional - i only went raw because it was hot this summer so i didn't want to cook and i liked the culinary challenge - but it stuck and i love it! i've been checking out this site and others daily and am slowly developing my everyday/standard foods. i think this is one of the more difficult hurdles of things like vegetarianism, veganism, and perhaps raw food.

so far i'm regularly making:

-southwestern slaw (cabbage, corn, red bell pepper, green onion, tomato in an avocado/cumin/cilantro dressing)

-tabouli (parsnip 'rice', parsley, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, sprouted lentils with a tahini/prune/lemon/cumin dressing)

-curry rice (cauliflower 'rice' with raisins, carrots, whatevers and an almond and curry dressing)

-saag rice (a modified saag from the sigur ros cookzine over cauliflower rice with sprouted lentils)

- marinated squash tacos (small crookneck squash marinated in home made salsa with avocado, sometimes sunflower seed pate in cabbage cups)

-pad thai (zucchini noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, red bell pepper, broccoli, with a carrot/bell pepper/coconut/sun tomato sauce, basil and cilantro)

- carrot pudding (carrot pulp blended with banana or pear or cantaloupe, ginger, cinnamon and maybe a little almond milk until the right texture and covered in berries) - my fav breakfast

-miso soup from sigur ros cookzine

-beet, fennel, apple salad with flax/orange dressing

-spiralized beets (for whatever reason they are way awesome-r spiralized than whole - nothing added)

-apple, cucumber, kale (dinosaur!) salad with tahini

-kiwi, celery, collard, granny smith green smoothies (with flax, wheatgrass added)

-freezing and blending combos of banana, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, guava, sapote, mango, papaya, blackberries into 'ice cream' (sometimes adding carob or cocoa*not raw* powder or crushed nuts)

- with fresh dates in season i've been going crazy!

equipment wise have/frequently use free juicer from freecycle, cheap spiralizer that works wonders, immersion blender, a bpa free smoothie container with a built in straw and freezer stick i found at the goodwill

no dehydrator but i sometimes stuff a portobello with a sunflower/sun tomato/sprouted lentil concoction and use that as the 'meat' between some beautiful collards or rainbow swiss chard i've been buying and putting it with fresh corn or jicima 'fries'. adding lentils and sun tomatoes seems to thicken it enough with out the hydration, at least as a spread for the mushroom.

i don't know how yet, but i would like to adapt more 'southern' foods to raw. i live within delivery distance of one raw restaurant that does Jamaican/West Indian-ish but there is another nearby that does South American/Cajun I've been meaning to check out for inspiration. i love (un)cooking but i have major time limits with a busy schedule.

anyways - any helpful tips/advice or awesome 'regular' foods you all have developed are much appreciated!

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