Food processor suggestions?

veganfoxveganfox Raw Newbie

We're shopping around for a new food processor. Any suggestions?


  • veganfoxveganfox Raw Newbie

    Also, I might mention, that the reason we need a new one is because the power shaft of our Kitchenaid food processor is stuck inside one of the blades and it seems that it might be cheaper to get a new (and better) processor than to try to repair this one. Especially since we were having so many problems with it anyway.

  • akinagroakinagro Raw Newbie

    I love my Magimix and would never buy another brand of food processor - I am gonna upgrade to the 5200XL soon though.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I have a Braun Combimax that's been going for 10+ years. For the past few years I think I've used it every single day. It has two containers, and comes with shredding and slicing blades as well as the standard S-blade.

    Though if you can afford a Magimix, that would be a great way to go.

  • aletheaaaletheaa Raw Newbie
    edited May 2020

    Based on what I've been playing around with in the kitchen these days, I think my next purchase will be a mini food processor. I'm mostly looking to make some sauces (like peanut sauce) and dressings using fruits and vegetables, maybe chopping and pureeing garlic .... essentially, simple little tasks.
    I understand that most of these are not very powerful, but for my purposes such a processor should be fine.

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