Nesco dehydrator - 425 Watt

Hello all!! My mom just gave me a dehydrator she had and never used. It's the Nesco 425 watt dehydrator. Can I use this for raw food preparation? Most of the recipes I've seen have specific degrees listed (set dehydrator to 105F). This dehydrator just has an on off switch. I've tried to find some kind of online conversion tool to figure out the temperature it dehydrates the food at but i cant seem to find anything. Any help would be great. :)


  • I also have a dehydrator that has no temperature switch and I bought a $10 thermometer from publix to see how hot it was getting... anywhere for 140 to 180! So now I cut down on dehydrated recipes, and when I do make one, I put it on the top row with no lid to control the temp a bit better.

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